Complete Guide to Buying a Used Foosball Table

A Complete Guide to Buying a Used Foosball Table -

As amateur foosballer and online reviewer, I actually know a bit more more about foosball tables than your average bar fly, I’ve had some experience buying and re-building old arcade machines.

Knowing the average cost of a used table first step in getting a table. What is the cost of a used foosball table? The average used foosball table costs around $400. Read on the learn more of what you need know before you buy a used foosball table.

For any man cave, basement, or arcade, a football table serves as a great addition. This classic game allows you to spend some quality time with your friends and family.

However, most of the top-rated foosball tables can be expensive at the store, making it hard for some to buy. If this is the situation, you can think about buying a used soccer table.

To assist you in this quest, while you shop from home. We have compiled this exhaustive buying guide. Here, you can learn about almost every aspect that you need to consider when making such a purchase.

This guide is meant for the foosball only table, not the air hockey, shuffleboard combo tables which you buy at a shop.

Things to Consider

When looking for a used foosball table, you need to pay close attention to almost every aspect mentioned below. It will help you to buy a well-maintained foosball tableOpens in a new tab. that is in good condition.

Although finding such a table with your exact color and features might be difficult, you can achieve this goal through patience and determination. Below are some of the most essential factors to consider when buying a used foosball table.

Where to Buy

  • Facebook Marketplaces
  • Craigslist
  • Garage Sales
  • Ask around, you may know somebody friends!
  • Always check ratings, reviews and stars from the sellers if possible

Analyze the Overall Structural

BCP 48 Foosball Table

In order to find a perfect soccer table, you need to analyze its structural integrity. Each table is made of 4 legs, 26* plastic men, a boxed-in playfield, and 8 metal rods. Some tables can be outdoor and indoor tables.

Therefore, taking a close look at each of these parts needs some extra time. So, when inspecting the table, don’t act hastily. It would be better to check the table for any defects or imperfections closely. You could ask the seller if they could send you another photo or quick shot video. Which walks around the table to save you a trip.

To start with, you need to look for any cracks or warping at the laminate playfield. Primarily, you should pay attention to any kind of water damage or a weird color. You can check the surface by running your hand over the surface.

A table built with low-quality materials will show a fair amount of chippings. If you feel some bubbles, it’s a sign that water or dampness has entered the surface. This suggests that the playfield will be completely damaged after some time.

Tornado Coin Op Tables

Along your search you may come across some used tables that require you to insert money to play. These Tornado coin tables are mechanical coin operated tables, aka coin ops. They come for old bars or arcades. You can google on how to rig them to play without coins. Normally you best best bet to is pass on these tables as they are a more money than the non-coin op verison.

Trust me, if you put a coin-op table in your own basement and try to charge your friends it will not work.

If you still are interested you need to check to see if the coin machine is working. It needs accept coins and ejects coins properly. Replacement mechanicals are normally pretty common and easy to find (sold for $25-$100)

Check the Levelness

Don’t be shy about playing a game on the table that you are going to buy. It will give you an idea of how perfectly leveled the table is. Look at the movement of the ball, as the slightest imbalance would cause the ball to deviate from its path. You want you shot to be smooth!

If a table isn’t leveled and doesn’t come with leg levelers, don’t buy it. Moreover, you also need to take a look at the goal area. This part of the table should also be free of chips and dings. Nothing is worse than playing on an uneven table!

Condition of the Players and Rods

counter weighted players

When buying a used foosball table, the most crucial aspect to consider is the condition of the players. You need to analyze the overall structural damage received by the men on the rods.

This will make sure that they are perfectly attached to the rods and aren’t loose. The best way to check the men is to rotate the rod. It will allow you to examine the men from all sides.

If you find that some of the players are loose or the rods are bent, make sure to deduct the replacement cost from the overall price of the table. This is because the players and rods are the most important parts of a foosball table. The rods should slide easily, if you don’t think a few drops of oil will make it slide correctly you should move on to another choice.

Weight of the Table

The overall weight of the table should be taken into consideration. For this purpose, you need to lift the table from one side. It will give you an idea of how heavy the table is. In fact, a heavier table is better, as it offers maximum stability.

If the table is too light, it would create some turbulence and ruin the overall gaming experience. In addition, a light table is more prone to becoming damaged when you are playing a tough game.

Rod Grips

foosjuice rod cleaner

Apart from other parts, the grips attached to the rods should also be examined. These grips should be comfortable to handleOpens in a new tab.. Make sure the grips are made of heavy-duty material.

Some tables come with specifically designed grips, which absorb the dampness and offer extended grip. Watch for cracks or missing handles.

Used Foosball Table – Pricing

The pricing is the likely your main deciding Factor.

  • Find what your budget is and stick to it!
  • Research the current prices for new tables, so you know when you are getting a good deal!
  • Always ask for a lower price!
  • Spot any damages to the table? Use them to try to lower the price.
  • You should be paying at least 20% off MSRP, For used stuff I always try to get like 50% off.

Free Shipping? – Transporting!

How are you going to get it home! This could make or break your deal!
If you are buying a full size table. You’ll need two people to load it into a truck or van. If you don’t have friend who has a large vehicle, then you may be better off looking at amazon prime free delivery and shipping.

Some sellers will offer to drop the table off, if you ask nicely, free shipping is always a great bonus!

Make sure you can fit the table at home! and though the door ways! You don’t want to scrape the color off your walls. It’s preferred to keep it assembled if possible.

Final Words

Although buying a new foosball table from a shop is the ideal, sometimes buying used is the better deal. Make sure you get a table that is level and has decent playing surface at a good price. After getting through the information provided above, it should be easier for you to buy a used foosball tables. Don’t Just sit on the sidelines and watch the action, slide into in action today. Who will be the next foosball warrior star?

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