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How to Build a Lego Foosball Table: A Step-by-Step Guide

How to Build a Lego Foosball Table: A Step-by-Step Guide

No doubt, foosball is a great indoor game that is loaded with fun and thrills. Talking about the types of foosball tables, the choices are unlimited. However, here, we will talk about a unique kind of option that is gaining popularity among the masses.

This is the Lego Foosball table, which you can build yourself. It’s a tabletop foosball table, allowing you to enjoy this classic game with a Lego feel to it.

Below, we have discussed the complete procedure showing how to build a Lego foosball table and what you will need to do so properly. So let’s get right to it!

What Do You Need?

In order to build a Lego foosball game, you need a variety of parts. These include Legos, rods, players, grips, and other small items. You can order most of these parts online, so getting the material won’t be an issue.

Here are the things that you need to build a Lego foosball table:

  • 8 – red Lego players, 2 x 4
  • 3 – light gray connectors
  • 8 – Blue Lego players, 2 x 4
  • 2 – 1 x 2 light gray tiles
  • 115 – 2 x 4 light gray tiles
  • 3 – 1 x 6 light gray tiles
  • 1 – 1 x 4 light gray tile
  • 6 – 2 x 2 white tiles
  • 12 – 1 x 2 black bricks
  • 10 – axles (12 studs long)
  • 8 – axles, (10 studs long)

Additionally, you need a ball, which can be either made of plastic or glass. In most cases, the ball used for playing foosball is hard. Here we will use marble for this purpose, as it is going to work well.

Arranging the Parts

Every player can use three rods. Each of the four main rods must have 10 stud axles, three connectors, one 12 stud Technic axle, and 3 Lego players. The goalie rod must contain three 12 stud axles, Lego players, and three connectors.

The Lego players should fit the rod snugly, which prevents them from becoming loose while hitting the shot. Arrange all the parts depending on the length, width, and other specifications mentioned above.

You won’t find it difficult to get all the items necessary for building this type of foosball table. If you don’t have an idea of how to assemble these parts, it would be better to get some help.

Lego Foosball Table Specifications

While building your own Lego foosball, you need to write down its specifications. Here are the basic measurements that you need to consider.

  • Make sure to grab two 32 x 32 baseplates that are meant to be used as the foundation
  • When it comes to the dimensions of this game, it should be 26 studs wide and 47 studs long
  • The goal must be attached after the 47 stud length on each side. The width of each goal should be 4 studs by 8 studs
  • There will be three rods for each player
  • You need two players for both the goalie rods and three players each for other rods

Things to Consider

If you don’t find the exact sizes or pieces as mentioned here, you can do some improvisation. Since this is a customized foosball table, you need to be somewhat creative while building it.

This will give your Lego foosball table a personalized feel and add more fun to the game. You can use any combination of colors that suits your taste. This is a tabletop foosball table that you can enjoy playing both indoors and outdoors.

Final Words

By taking into account all the information mentioned above, you can easily build a Lego foosball table of your own. Being a compact and portable foosball table, you can take it anywhere and enjoy this game with your family and friends. So what are you waiting for? Grab your friends and enjoy a game of foosball on your new Lego table.

If you want to build a full sized foosball table, check out our guide here.