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Foosball Accessories : Need to Know!

Foosball Accessories : Need to Know!

Once you’ve gotten your perfect foosball all set up in your den, garage, or rec room, you’re ready to start enjoying some competitive rounds of table soccer with friends and family! However, the longer you own, the more you realize that there is some maintenance and upkeep involved.

Eventually, certain parts are going to wear down and need replacement. Getting the right foosball accessory to make sure your table is working just like you want it to takes some research and patience. We hope that this guide will help make the process of shopping for foosball replacement parts a little less stressful. Keep reading to learn more!

The Different Kinds Of Foosball Accessories

Aside from the table itself (which should last for decades), there are 3 main components that you will probably have to replace every few years depending on how much use you get out of your foosball table or what conditions they are stored in. So let’s look at some of the things you should consider about each of them:

Foosball Ball

There is actually quite a wide variety of different kinds of foosball balls. On amazon, foosball balls of all kinds are available so it’s a great place to start your search. The kind you choose depends on the style you prefer to play as well as your skill level.

Foosball Ball Accessory

For example, you can choose smooth, textured, corked or traditional. American varieties like the tornado foosball roll pin punch are usually textured and a little more suited to casual fun play rather than the denser, slower ones used for skilled play.

Foosball Table Handles

Without the right handles, you want have the grip and stability that you need to execute the moves you want to do. Cheap, cracking, or loose handles will ruin your ability to control the rods. Typically, you’ll see wooden handles on a lot of the higher end or professional tables.

Foosball Handles Accessories

That’s because wood doesn’t become slippery when your hands get sweaty. However, rubber is another great option. You just want to avoid plastic for the most part.

Foosball Replacement Players

Your players undergo quite a bit of wear and tear, especially if you are a skilled player. This is usually only at the kicker but it’s still to make sure you’ve got good, fresh replacement players to make sure your game is not being affected by this.

Stormtroopers Replacment Accessories

Plus, you can usually find fun replacements that are painted like your favorite team or otherwise a little more personalized and custom!

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Our Top 3 Favorite Foosball Accessory Products

Below, you’ll find brief overview of 3 of our favorite foosball accessories on the market right now. We’ve chosen 3 different kinds of accessories so you can get a better sense of your options for each of them.

Tenflyer Pack Of 4 Rod Foosball Soccer Table Football Men Player

These are a great set of pretty standard but very well made and durable replacement foosball players. Check out the key specs below:

  • Durable hard plastic
  • Compatible with standard foosball table of 1.4M
  • ​Rod hole diameter is 1.6 cm (0.63 inches)
  • ​Player height is 10.7 cm (4.2 inches)
  • Package contains 4 pieces (2 for each side).

It’s always a good idea to have a package of spare players on hand. Sometimes a rough game can lead to a broken player and it’s no fun if that has to mean the end of your foosball playing for the night!

Tenflyer Pack of 4 Rod

If you’ve got these quality replacement players on hand already, you can simply replace the broken one and continue playing!

Brybelly Universal Safety End Caps For Standard Foosball Tables

These are some of the most versatile and convenient handle ends you could get. Check out the key specs below:

  • 20 count package is more than enough for a standard 8 rod table
  • Fits the standard foosball rods with a 5/8th inch diameter
  • ​Perfect for providing a protective covering over the metal rods
  • Soft ¼ inch protective padding.

While these are plastic which is not the most highly recommended for professional or skilled playing, they are great for the casual foosball player who wants to keep their foosball table up to date without shelling out a lot of cash for their hobby.

Brybelly Universal Safety

These are durable, soft, and exactly what you need in a standard foosball handle. Plus, you get 20 of them which is more than enough to replace each handle on each end of your rods and still have some to spare after!

Set Of 12 Soccer Ball Style Foosballs For Tornado

This set of 12 foosball balls are perfect for the at-home foosball table (or one in a bar). Check out the key specs below:

  • Engraved black and white balls patterned like real soccer balls
  • 1 7/16th inches (36 mm) in diameter
  • ​Weighs 24 grams
  • ​Suitable for most standard sized foosball tables
  • High quality, durable hard plastic

What’s especially great about these soccer balls is that they are compatible with tornado, dynamo or Shelti foosball tables! And it’s always good to have some spare foosball balls on hand because they can wear out fairly quickly. Moreover, they have a habit of getting lost especially if you’ve got kids in the house!

12 Soccer Ball Style Foosballs

They are a bit on the smoother side so you won’t be able to do as many high skill level trick shots but they are ideal for those who are just playing for fun!

Final Word

Whether you’re looking for a fancy new soccer ball for foosball or a set of durable new foosball handles, you need to do your research, read through expert and customer reviews, and maybe even test the accessories out yourself before buying