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Warrior Table Soccer Review

Warrior Table Soccer Review

If you are in love with the foosball game, this is the article for you. Here we will review the most popular foosball table available on the market. You will get to know about all the essential features of this table.

The product under review is the Warrior Foosball Table. It is a renowned brand, which offers durable and best quality foosball tables. This particular option is also constructed with sturdy materials.

Moreover, this professional-sized table is an ideal option for almost every foosball tournament. So, you can either use this table as recreational equipment or practice for a tough game.

The overall build quality makes it a sturdy and durable foosball table. Therefore, this product would continue to serve you for many years to come.

Plus, the availability of top quality accessories also adds more value to the table. By replacing the damaged part with a company-built accessory, you can enhance the lifespan of this particular foosball table.

To guide you more about this product, we have reviewed this item in a comprehensive and unbiased way.

Warrior Table Soccer

If you want to enjoy playing a thrilling foosball game, this Warrior Foosball Table is a top option to consider. If you ask about the reasons for such a preference, just take a look at some of these most common reasons:

The Warrior Table Soccer comes from the house of a renowned manufacturer, which is quite popular in the field of foosball table manufacturing.

The company employees have years of experience, which allows them to build a perfect foosball table. Therefore, you can be sure of the overall quality and performance of this table.

It goes without saying that you would love the foosball tables made by Warrior, and these tables are affordable and easy to assemble. It’s a great table, which meets all the needs of both the professional and amateur players.

Apart from this, the Warrior Table is a great option for both amateur foosball enthusiasts and professional players. If you are one of them, this is the table for you.

It is pretty common that, when playing foosball games regularly, you may need to replace a rod, foosball man, handle, or any other foosball part. If you need any of these parts, Warrior Table Soccer can provide you with that replacement part to your doorstep.

Besides offering you the foosball table, Warrior also provides foosball accessories. For instance, you can buy high-quality foosball balls. These balls are manufactured while using a unique process of centerless grinding.

The accessories offered by Warrior are designed in a way to ensure optimal performance. You can use them on any top quality foosball table. However, if you want to experience the best possible foosball experience, just rely on the professionally designed Warrior Table.

Furthermore, you can also take advantage of Warrior Foosball wraps. Being highly absorbent, these wraps will help to wick moisture and keep your hands dry. It will also ensure a high quality of game by giving much better control over the foosball handles.

Apart from these accessories, Warrior Table offers a wide range of foosball clothing and merchandise. You can choose between a variety of tee-shirts, professional polo shirts, jackets, hats, and so much more.

The availability of top quality accessories also adds more value to the table. By adding the company-built accessory, you would enhance your foosball table.

Who is This Product For?

No matter whether you are a professional player or indulge in this game just for fun, this foosball table is the option to consider.

The build quality and overall features of this foosball table make it an ideal option for both professional and amateur players.

The Warrior Professional Foosball Table is a durable, top caliber, and player-friendly table. Furthermore, this table is suitable for all types of tournaments.

If you are a die-hard fan of the foosball, you can also buy Vintage “Legends of Foosball” trading cards. This is a complete set of 36 foosball cards, which was produced by US Baseball, Inc. in 1994.

It features the top foosball players around the world. These cards were released in 1995, and include 6 “specialty” cards and 30 player cards. You can see some of the biggest stars of foosball table soccer.

The “Hall of Fame” list includes Terry Moore, Todd Loffredo, Dave Gummeson, Cindy Head, Steve Murray, and Gregg Perrie.

Just like any other popular game, Foosball also has a huge fan following. Warrior Table is playing its role to feed the passion for foosball enthusiasts.

What’s Included?

The table comes with all parts and accessories, including wooden table parts, stainless steel rods, and foosball men, handles, and levelers. Moreover, you also get the instruction manual, which makes it easy for you to assemble the foosball table.

By following the instructions, you can easily assemble this foosball table without any technical assistance. Besides, you can also order some other accessories offered by the Warrior Table Soccer.

Overview of Features

Below are some of the most prominent features of this foosball table. We have not only mentioned the pros, but the cons/drawbacks of this product are also included in this review.

When it comes to the features of the Warrior Foosball Table, the most prominent one is its fast and hassle-free assembly. You can assemble this Warrior Foosball Table with some simple tools, and it takes no more than 25 minutes to assemble it completely. Furthermore, the design of this foosball table allows you to install the foosball men without any issue.

Fixing the rods is also simple; just move the rods through specifically designed openings. The next step is attaching the bearings.

Professional players are fond of this table, as it adds more fun to the game and keeps all the players safe. The protective rod guard mechanism would prevent the players from a fast-moving rod.

Moreover, you can also play foosball at home, as this table offers necessary protection to the children. Even these protective features won’t affect the overall thrill of the game.

Not only this, but the Warrior Foosball Table also allows you to play like a pro. This table weighs more than 200 lbs., which gives it the desired stability and protects it from slipping.

Therefore, it would serve as a suitable foosball table for the players of all ages and levels of experience. Furthermore, this table features built-in leg levelers and counter-balanced men.

In addition, the enclosed arcade-style ball return system makes it easy for the players to collect the ball. So, you won’t have to wait for the ball recovery in the middle of a game.

Furthermore, the swivel base helps to level the table on an uneven surface. The 5-inch rubber base and the locking nut, prevent any disturbance due to the movement of the foosball table.

With this kind of swivel base, you can adjust the height of this table. This renders it an ideal option for the players of different heights.

Its top-quality split bearings allow you to play a more powerful shot. This design feature makes it easy for you to install the rods.

The only drawback associated with this table is its less impressive ball. Being heavy, this ball is slow, making it difficult to make a quick shot.

As a whole, this table serves the purpose well for which it was built. So, if you are looking forward to buying the best foosball table, you won’t regret purchasing this option.

Apart from this particular foosball table, Warrior is also popular for launching some of the most unique and innovative foosball tables. One of these options includes an LED foosball table.

This table is a great choice for parties, company events, showrooms or rec rooms. It comes with built-in LEDs, which surrounds the playing area of the table.

The provision of LED lights doesn’t only give a unique style to the table but also adds more fun to the game. This is the table that has been used by Warrior for more than 100 tournaments throughout the country.

On the other hand, you can also bring home the Black Light Foosball Table by Warrior. This is a Foosball table which belongs to the 21st Century. It is one of the official tables used during tournaments and professional competitions.

Besides, Warrior also gives you the option to get access to a custom foosball table. Most foosball table manufacturers do not offer customization options. However, the Warrior table stands out above the rest by offering you the choice to get something to suit your style.

This type of customizable table comes with different options. For instance, if you are looking at buying a handcrafted foosball table, Warrior is there to honor your wish by building such a table for you.

How to Install Warrior Table Soccer Foosball Table

Here is a quick video that will show you how to install this foosball table –


  • Intuitive and safe to use Rod Guard System
  • Built-in leg levelers for better stability
  • Arcade-style ball return
  • Top-quality and durable split bearing
  • Easy to assemble foosball table
  • Amazing ball control


  • The balls included with the table are too slow


If you aren’t interested in the features of the Warrior foosball table, here are some of the most appropriate alternatives. These options will assist you while making a viable choice without crossing your budget.

Kick Triumph 55″ in Black Foosball Table

The Kick Triumph 55″ in Black Foosball Table is simple yet elegant. It is specifically designed for professional and serious foosball enthusiasts.

The chrome detailing looks elegant and makes the edges more prominent. The specifically designed ball dispenser holes and ball return trims look amazing too.

Furthermore, the support beams and round leg casters ensure maximum stability. The 5″ leg levelers and rubber bottom makes it a sturdy and well-balanced table.

The ball return mechanism allows you to collect the ball without any issue. Each side has its separate ball return system. Besides, the slide scoring facility is also available on each side.


  • Durable and elegant design
  • Easy to assemble foosball table
  • Stable and perfectly leveled table
  • Premium bearings for smooth movement of the rod
  • Slide scoring is also available on each side
  • Impressive ball return mechanism

Rally and Roar Foosball Table Game – 56”

The Rally and Roar Foosball Table Game ensure never-ending fun. This full size (56-inch) foosball table requires minimal assembly. This is a perfect game for socializing and enjoying some fun-loaded activities.

The overall build quality of this table makes it a highly durable and sturdy table. Besides, its ergonomic handles offer a comfortable grip while playing.

The wooden handles and chrome-plated steel rods ensure maximum control when playing the game. Also, the ramped edges will assist the ball to move more freely.

Apart from this, its specifically designed leg levelers would ensure a stable and even surface for the ball to travel. The elegance and versatility of this foosball is another plus.


  • Hassle-free and straightforward assembly/installation
  • Suitable for professional as well as amateur players
  • Elegant and versatile foosball table
  • Heavy-duty and sturdy construction
  • Wooden handles and stainless steel rods offer more control
  • Affordable foosball table
  • Oversized leg levelers for extended stability
  • Professional-sized table
  • Comes with all the accessories
  • Ramped playfield edges


The Warrior Foosball table is easy to assemble, which takes no more than 25 minutes. This table comes with all the instructions and necessary hardware.

This professional-quality foosball table has all those features, which make it an ideal option for all types of players. For instance, it has counterbalanced foosball men, allowing you to have more control.

With its split bearings, you can make smoother and faster shots. Talking about the overall construction of this foosball table, you can count on its durability.

The introduction of an improved and more effective ball-return system renders it easy for you to retrieve the ball. This option is available on both sides of a table.

The foosball men are assembled on the rods, which makes it easy for you to complete the construction. Additionally, its swivel foot levelers help to level this table on an uneven surface.

The “Rod Guard” system offers the required protection against the fast-moving rods. You can play without any safety concerns even if the kids are playing around the table.