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The Guide To Old Foosball Table Restoration

The Guide To Old Foosball Table Restoration

The very first foosball table patent dates back to the 1890s, so it’s no surprise that there are plenty of old ones floating around. If you’re someone who loves a good restoration project or have an old foosball table that you want to see brought back to life, you might have been considering how you might go about restoring it.

As with any DIY project, planning is key, so there’s a lot to consider before you jump into the project. We’ll walk you through what to look for when buying an antique foosball table for restoration, and some tips on how to make the job easier.

Keep in mind that this job can take quite a bit of effort, and some money, so you’ll also want to weigh up the pros and cons. The end result could be quite spectacular, but just like any restoration project, things might not turn out the way you hoped, so you have to consider all possibilities.

What To Look For When Buying An Old Foosball Table

Old Foosball Table

Some people are lucky enough to find an old foosball table at a thrift store or a yard sale, and immediately jump at the chance to take it home. Although most of them should be in good condition for restoration, there are others that have gone beyond the point of repair.

Foosball tables have quite a few functioning pieces that all work together, like the players and the rods. Therefore, it’s essential to take a quick look and see that all of the parts are there and how damaged they are. Even if they’re not working, it’s easy enough to order new ones, but just make sure the table isn’t beyond repair.

You’ll also want to make sure the table is in your budget. Considering what you could spend on the restoration project, including paint and new parts, you might be looking at around $100 at least. Therefore, don’t spend too much purchasing the old table if you’re then going to spend even more money fixing it up.

Get as much information as you can from the previous owner about when they bought it and where. If you’re unable to see the brand it will make it hard to order new parts, so any details you can get about it will be helpful.

Tips For Restoring The Table

Old Foosball Table Restoration

Restoring a foosball table is a step by step process, and you should be careful not to rush through any parts of it. There are plenty of great tips out there from those who have been before you and done multiple restorations on these tabletop soccer tables, so take some of their advice:

  • Before you do anything, take a picture of the table from the top and the sides. This will show you where all of the parts go in case you lose track once you start taking them apart
  • If you do have to order new parts, do this before you start the cleaning stage. As cleaning will take a while, it will give the parts time to arrive before you’re ready for the next part of the job
  • Experiment with paint colors before you decide on a final look. It’s better to have played around with some schemes than find it doesn’t look good once you’re already started painting
  • Check the level of the game with a spirit level and make the necessary adjustments. Having a table off center will make one player more favored than the other and will almost always affect the game

Pros And Cons Of Football Table Restoration

Any restoration or DIY project like this is going to take work. Most people are happy to put in the effort because it’s a satisfying job and will potentially make them money, but this doesn’t always work out. Here are the pros and cons involved in trying to restore an old foosball table.


  • The end result will be a beautiful and classic looking foosball table that functions like new
  • You’ll learn valuable skills about restoration and also understand the makings of the foosball table even more
  • There’s the potential to make money if you get it for a good price and spend minimal fixing it up
  • You’ll have a rare antique foosball table that not many people own, and it could increase the value


  • Restoration jobs require a lot of work and it can be frustrating and time-consuming trying to source parts or put things back together
  • There’s a chance you will spend a lot of money on the project and get nothing in return
  • Some people get bored of restoration work and end up quitting halfway, wasting the time and money they already spent
  • You can purchase brand new foosball tables for good prices these days, and they offer many features and functions that older styles don’t

Bringing A Classic Back To Life

Vintage Foosball Table

Foosball has been a beloved sport and hobby for over 100 years, and if you’re lucky enough to own an antique table or find one that’s fit for restoration, the best thing you can do is bring it back to life. Take your time with the project and plan everything out in advance before you do it, as there is real potential to damage it for good.

While these older tables might not have the features and functions that modern ones do, they’re still a lot of fun and great to look at. Not only will you have a classic foosball table to enjoy, but you’ll have the type of satisfaction that comes from restoring something with your own two hands, which is pretty hard to beat.

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