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6 Best Foosball Shots Which Will Guarantee You Win Against Your Friends

6 Best Foosball Shots Which Will Guarantee You Win Against Your Friends

Most people think that playing foosball is simple and there isn’t much to it. Little do they realize is that it’s more involved and requires a bit of strategy to come out the victor. Oh yes, there is a lot more to it than just flipping some rods and “kicking” a ball from one side to the next. Of course, if you’re reading this article, you already know that!

What you’re here is for the 6 best foosball shots that will have your friends buying the next round of drinks because you’re going to kick their butt the next time you play! So let’s get right to it!

Foosball Tic-Tac Shot

The foosball tic-tac shot is basically when you are passing the ball back and forth between two men that are on the same rod and it is combined with a shot on goal. To do this, you are going to want to disguise your shot by first being proficient at passing the ball between the men on the same rod.

This is going to be important because you’re going to have to do this several times without losing control of the ball before you take the shot. When you are going to use this trick, you have to wait for that perfect moment when your opponent’s defenses are down.

Foosball Push Shot

To be good at the foosball push shot, you first have to understand that you need a loose grip on the handle so that you can maximize your speed and movement while limiting your resistance. You’ll know that you’re holding the handle right if there’s a bit of space between your hand in the handle.

In order to actually pull the shot off, you are going to want to make sure your offensive 3 bar has been pulled as far as it can toward the wall of the table closest to you. This is going to make sure you have the maximum amount of room to push the rod during your shot and maximize the amount of goal that your opponent as to block.

Don’t make this your primary move, but it can be combined with other shots for maximum efficiency.

Foosball Aerial Shot

The aerial shot is used by defensive men when the ball has been lifted between two defensive men and it is caught on the back of the 2 bar guy.

The 2 bar guy should be held at a horizontal position and move it toward the center of the table so that it is able to be in position for a shot. To complete this shot, the foosball is going to be flipped into the air, over the field toward your opponent’s goal.

Foosball Bank Shot

The bank shot is going to be when you make the foosball bounce off the wall at the right angle so that you can take a shot at the goal. This shot is usually done from the defensive side of the table, but both offensive and defensive sides can do it.

This shot is usually more effective from the defensive side because it can be set up without giving away your intentions. With the offensive bank shot, it is going to be more obvious to set up and it’s going to be easier for your opponent to realize it’s coming.

Foosball Spray Shot

The spray shot is going to be a shot that you will release on a diagonal angle toward the wall or goal. The ball is going to travel in the same direction that the ball was moving when it was shot.

If you happen to spray on a pull shot, the ball is going to travel toward you at the goal and the push shots are going to travel toward your opponent’s side of the table.

Foosball Goalie Shot

There is such of a thing as a goalie shot in foosball, but it is actually an illegal shot. In order to be able to make the shot, you would have to spin the goalie bar quite hard to create enough power to have the ball cross the entire field.

If you do make the shot and the other person doesn’t care that was done illegally, you can only count it as one point. Some people may try to tell you that it is worth 2 points, but it isn’t. Don’t let them to pull the wool over your eyes!


Everybody loves a good competitive game of foosball every now and again. However, if you’re new to the game, you may not realize how involved the game can be. Now, if you’re playing against your friends and they habitually beat you every time, then you’re probably already well aware of this.

Fortunately, you can get better with practice, and by using these six tips—even if the goalie shot is technically illegal. If you’re playing with friends, we highly doubt that they’ll be that strict on rules!

Winning Foosball players

You know, when you become familiar with how to pull of these tricks on your own, you can better spot when your friends are trying to pull them on you. So, when you see them setting up to do a push shot, you can block them and turn it into a spray shot instead.

There aren’t too many foosball shots you can make, but by recognizing the set up, you can better prepare to defend it. Plus, if you get really good at the game, you can wow your friends with some unexpected trick shot that they’ll never see coming! Then, it’ll be you being the one to brag about your awesome foosball skills.