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Best Choice Products 48” Foosball Table Review

Best Choice Products 48” Foosball Table Review

There are a lot of ways you can unwind after a long and hard day. One of the more traditional options that hark back to an era before the advent of video games and miniature computers that can fit in our pockets is table games.

Tables games are popular and fun because they are easily accessible and because playing them tends to be more of a social experience than many other games. Standing around the table with a group of friends and joking as you play is a great experience.

There are many types of table games, and many of them are typically only accessible in arcades, movie theaters, and bars. These tables games include pool and air hockey, but the one we will be talking about today is foosball.

Foosball Table Steel Rods

Foosball is a fun, fast-paced table game that very loosely replicates soccer with several rows of players controlled by twistable handles and usually a hard plastic or rubber ball.

The players are rotated about their axis with the handles, and your objective is to “kick” the ball with a properly timed rotation. There is also typically a controllable goalkeeper, but this can sometimes depend on the table, with miniature foosball tables sometimes omitting this position.

The number of players for foosball can typically vary between 2 to 4 players, with even numbers typically being preferable, so one side does not have an inordinate advantage. Playing with up to 8 players on larger tables is possible.

Typically, one player will control the goalkeeper and the defensive players with another player controlling the midfield and attacking players. This allows both players to focus on their individual roles, one as a dedicated attacker, and the other as a dedicated defender.

In casual play, nothing is stopping the players from swapping positions, and it may occur if one player is having difficulty with a certain aspect of their position.

There are certain aspects that one should search for when purchasing a foosball table. One of the more important aspects to consider is your budget.

BCP 48 Foosball Table

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Foosball tables used to be quite expensive if you wanted to purchase one for home use, but over time they have grown more and more affordable for both foosball enthusiasts or simply customers who would like to spice up their game room.

Finding the best-priced foosball table is a matter of comparing several models’ features and build quality until you find one that balances these aspects along with the price. You also want to search for a foosball table that is easy to assemble. Most if not all foosball tables come disassembled, as they are far easier to transport and package in such a manner.

The downside is that the manufacturer must put effort into making their product easy to assemble or you will end up with a headache by the time you are finally able to play. Now that we have covered the basics, we will move on to our product review.

The Product

Here are some of the main features of Best Choice Products 48” Foosball Table.


  • Playing surface made of medium density fiberboard
  • Legs and playing surface reinforced with steel rods
  • Features two cup holders (one at each end)
  • Features 8 rows of players, 4 per side
  • Includes two balls


Best Choice Product manufactures this foosball table model. It has several features that help improve your experience with the table such as two cup holders, so you do not need a nearby table to hold your glasses or cups.

Foosball Table Cup Holder

Not all of the features are high-quality; however, it includes aspects that will improve your playing experience such as a low-friction surface that will significantly improve the performance of the ball.


When this model of foosball table was first delivered, we were somewhat surprised by the small size of the box. When disassembled, this product takes up far less space than many other foosball table models, which is a nice touch if you are trying to bring this product into your home without the help of your friends or family members.

This product is rather simple to assemble, but the instructions can at times be somewhat convoluted.

If you find yourself wondering what goes on, it helps to reference the product diagram or perhaps find a guide video. Besides the assembly process, there are very few aspects of this product that are subpar.

When you consider the price, this product features excellent build quality. It may not be on par with the top models of in-home foosball tables, but it is remarkable nonetheless.

What Others Say

We have searched through countless online reviews and customer testimonials so we may supplement our review with advice besides our own. One of the more common complaints with this product has to do with the unclear assembly instructions, such as we stated earlier.

BCP 48 Foosball Table Ball

Some customers also had complaints about the handles on the control rods being slightly loose, requiring regluing.

When it comes to the praise, there is quite a bit about this product. Typically customers are impressed by this product’s value for money, providing the customer a reliable and rather large foosball table for a relatively small sum of money. Beyond that, there is praise for the long term reliability, with tables being able to withstand quite a few games.


Buying Advice

This product can typically be purchased from online retailers such as Amazon. This model of table normally retails for just under 90 dollars, so you know that you are getting good value out of this product.


If you are looking for a foosball table for your home and you prize affordability and reliability over most other aspects, you will not be disappointed by this offering from Best Choice Products. We hope that our review has helped you in making your decision about purchasing a foosball table.