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Play Foosball Game Online

Play Foosball Game Online


This is a pretty simple game to play, hard to master.
Player 1:  W, S, keyboard keys.
Player 2:  UP, Down, arrow keys on the keyboard.
Ball Drop: Press Space Bar/Click the Whistle to drop the ball.

Game Modes:

Player VS Computer, or Player Vs Play (local)

Game Description:

2-Player / Multiplayer Game / Solo Play

If you can’t play outside, running and scoring penalty kicks. Practice some trick shots on a foosball table instead.

World Cup Table Soccer for the win! Better than Y8 Games arcade in my bias opinion ;P  Sorry you can’t download this html5 game it’s not flash. But you can play it for free anytime online. This game has a 2-player multiplayer game mode, and a solo challenge mode. So what are you waiting for Play your friend Head-to-head to see who is the best! Or See if you can beat all five levels.

How to Unblock this game:

This Game is on a non-gaming flash website; so this website should not be on any school block lists. If it is, use a free proxy service to by-pass your school filters. If you need more help click here.

Foosball Games History

People have been playing foosball since the 1921. Harold Searles Thorton invented it because popularity of the soccer was spreading so rapidly Harold decided to make it into a game that people could play in their homes.

Harold inspiration came from a box of matches. It started when the matches were laying on the top of the box and extended past the edge of the box. Similar how the rods in foosball are today.

After the WW2 many soldiers coming home to America from Europe had a taste of foosball in there down time. The game was eventually brought to the United States in the 1950’s by Lawrence Patterson.

The game reached its highest popularity in the U.S. in the 1970’s. Soon After this period arcade machines like pac-man hit the scene and took over the as the most popular entertainment past-time source in bars.

Today, Foosball may not as popular as it once was; but you still find it in many schools, bars, and man cave’s.

FYI :  For our younger viewers; In North America we say Soccer, but Europe say football .

I hope you Enjoy this recently added game!  08, 17, 2019