Play Foosball Game Online

This is a pretty simple game to play, hard to master.
Player 1:  W, S, keyboard keys.
Player 2:  UP, Down, arrow keys on the keyboard.
Ball Drop: Press Space Bar/Click the Whistle to drop the ball.

Game Modes:
Player VS Computer, or Player Vs Play (local)

Game Description:

2-Player / Multiplayer Game / Solo Play

If you can’t play outside, running and scoring penalty kicks. Practice some trick shots on a foosball table instead.

World Cup Table Soccer for the win! Better than Y8 Games arcade in my bias opinion ;P  Sorry you can’t download this html5 game it’s not flash. But you can play it for free anytime online. This game has a 2-player multiplayer game mode, and a solo challenge mode. So what are you waiting for Play your friend Head-to-head to see who is the best! Or See if you can beat all five levels.

How to Unblock this game:

This Game is on a non-gaming website; so this website should be on my many ban lists. If it is, use a free proxy service to by-pass your school filters.
If you need more help click here.

FYI :  For our younger viewers; In North America we say Soccer, but Europe say football .

I hope you Enjoy this recently added game!  08, 17, 2019

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